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The Indian printing industry is valued at 16 billion euros as per the year 2011. The printing industry is highly fragmented. The newspapers and magazine publishing section has the large printers mainly apart from a few in package, label and commercial printing. About 77% of the printing houses are family owned.

From 2002 onwards the government allowed foreign investment. Foreign investors can now invest up to 26% in daily newspapers and 100% in scientific or other publications with government approval.

Printing sector has evolved from a manufacturing industry into a service industry. The segments of graphic design, print quality and capability have achieved global standard. Newspapers, books, catalogues, packaging products and other publications such as coffee table books have come up to the international standards as well.

The Indian packaging industry itself is growing at 14-15% annually. This growth rate is expected to double in the next two years There is an ample job opportunity for the printing &Packaging sector in India


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